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Solomon Awards 2018 – Sunnyvale First Baptist Church (Design and Installation of AVL System, Major Technology Upgrade [existing building])

Sunnyvale First Baptist Church first contacted Paragon 360 about a sanctuary renovation project in early 2017. This multi-phase project included new video, lighting, and rigging systems, as well as Paragon 360’s custom signature scenic, staging, and architectural elements for Sunnyvale’s 1,800-seat worship center, located in Sunnyvale, Texas, an eastern suburb of Dallas. The project was completed in March of 2018. Phase One of the Sunnyvale First Baptist Church project addressed Video Production and Presentation System upgrades. Phase Two was completed with the installation of new a Lighting System and a Full Scenic Renovation of the Chancel Platform. “My first impression of Paragon 360 was here’s a company that is anxious to give us what we want. What impressed me was their greatest concern was what is unique about Sunnyvale First Baptist, what do you need to succeed, and here’s how we can give it to you” said Dr. Adam Dooley, Senior Pastor at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church. “We never felt like Paragon 360 was trying to oversell what we were asking for. We always felt like Paragon 360 was an advocate for us, rather than themselves.” One of the primary elements of the Platform Renovation was a Scenic Video Background Set Element that includes eight Panasonic 84” HD Displays. There are four displays side by side located behind the pulpit. Four additional displays are located on lifts behind the front four displays and can be raised into place to create a HD video background for the Camera One image of the pulpit. When the four displays on the lifts are lowered, the choir can be seen behind the displays which act as a modesty divider. When the four displays are raised the choir is hidden in the Camera One image. This unique Video Set Element was developed by Paragon 360 in 2013 and has been installed in multiple sanctuaries across the country. Mickey Henderson, Spiritual Development Pastor at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church, stated “Paragon 360 understands that they are not the message. On the flip side of that they also understand that they are a tool to allow the message to be proclaimed in an easier, simpler way. Everything they do enhances the proclamation of the Word. I’ve done multiple worship center builds with architects, with builders telling you that you can’t do something, with installers at odds with one another… you don’t see that at all with Paragon 360. These guys love each other. If you ask for a change, they always come together to make it work.” To complement the video ministries in place at Sunnyvale First Baptist Church, Paragon 360 added two motorized backlight trusses, giving the platform area much needed backlight capabilities. Backlighting was achieved by using the Chauvet Rogue R3 Wash fixtures, which is workhorse with its bright, evenly dispersed light, smooth color mixing, and 12-49 degree zoom range. There were also extensive infrastructure upgrades to the lighting DMX control system, to support the additional scenic LED lighting. Dr. Adam Dooley summarized his thoughts about the project by saying “Paragon 360’s location was not an obstacle whatsoever in this process. Even though they were several states away, they were really just a phone call away. Being in that original ballpark of what they estimated for us – they were right there – and we were very pleased. I feel like they did an excellent job of matching our DNA with what they gave to us. These were people that we were happy to have in our church.”

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